T6 Near A White Dwarf!

Elite Dangerous – Getting about!

Somewhere to get my thoughts, aims and experiences down.


Current Ranks:

  • Combat: Master
  • Trade: Entrepreneur
  • Explorer: Ranger
  • Alliance: Cordial
  • Federation: Cadet
  • Empire: Master

Home System: Bhare


Typical Occupations

  • Bounty Hunting
  • Exploration
  • Passenger Missions
  • Mining – See My Mining Guide
  • Trading – Loop trading, normally Imperial slaves (limited patience and lost my morals)…
  • Casual Piracy – NPCs only, just starting out, seems like fun so far!

My Ships

My notes and reviews of ships I own (or have owned). In order of acquisition:

  • Sidewinder – I didn’t really keep this ship any longer than I had to to get the Viper, seems a shame looking back.
  • Viper MKIII – Lovely fighter, but didn’t own it that long, wish I’d kept it, might buy another for speedy work.
  • Viper MKIV – Love this ship! Despite what people say about its lack of agility, its a great ‘tanky’ ship once you get to know it, was used mainly for bounty hunting in High RES sites. Still own it for old times sake.
  • My Diamondback Explorer – Attractive ship, but quite narrow in terms of uses i.e. mainly exploration and other long range / low cargo type pursuits like rare trading or smuggling. In my opinion, to get the best out of it you need a 5A FSD (5mil), which can seem very expensive early on.
  • Hauler – This thing is cute! The cheapest way to a long jump way, great little explorer probe! Still have it as a taxi.
  • Cobra MKIII – The first affordable great all-rounder. Lovely speed, opens up many play-styles and occupations.
  • Type-6 – One of my best investments, good to enjoy life without lasers sometimes. Flexible money maker. With 4A thrusters, It’s high boost (400+) gets you away from most trouble!
  • Vulture – Love it! Great agility, shields and firepower. Power management trade-offs and a seemingly vulnerable canopy are the downsides.
  • Asp Explorer – Once you have the money to fully equip it, I would say it can do the work of the Cobra, Type-6 and DBX. A complete all-rounder.
  • Type-7 – I’m actually really enjoying trading in it and making money! It’s not as bad as people say, you’ve just got to know it’s limitations, then its a good ship..
  • Dolphin – bought it for the looks and option for luxury passenger cabins, but my Asp Explorer seems to be doing all my passenger work due to the superior jump and all round ability.
  • Python – Really, really nice ship, glad I spent the cash. Great for trading, mining and bounty hunting, probably piracy too!