Asp Explorer

My Asp Explorer

For new players, this ship takes a while to get to and longer to fully equip, but it’s worth it! Like the Cobra MkIII, it can do well at most things, but is a step change in expense with it’s class 5 internals. As an alternative, or while you save, consider the DBX just for exploring and the type-6 for the trading and mining, you could have and equip them both for a similar cost to a full Asp Explorer loadout!

My Ratings:

  • Combat: 7/10 (I have not thoroughly tested it in heavy combat, but it did well in the fights I had. I would imagine it’s pretty good with a full combat load-out, but for the money, I prefer the vulture.)
  • Trading: 9.5/10 (It makes a very nice trade ship, 120t with a class 3 shield and excellent jump range – but consider that the type 6 offers similar trading ability at a much lower price, just without the hardpoints!)
  • Mining: 10/10 (Very nice to mine in, especially in this price range – you get medium hardpoints, plus 96t with shield and full mining gear.)
  • Exploring: 10/10 (Nothing to add really, it’s well known that it’s the best at this price point…)
  • Passengers: 10/10 (It’s a top-end explorer ship, just add a cabin and long range passenger missions become all the better!)