Diamondback Explorer

My Diamondback Explorer

I have always liked this ship, just something about it! Against that I have found that its probably the most narrow in terms of useful roles that I own. However, when it comes to exploring it feels really at home and a pleasure to fly. Since I’m a pretty novice explorer, I haven’t really taken it anywhere near it’s full potential. Mine still needs a 5A FSD, when I get one, I’m looking forward to using it!

My Ratings:

  • Combat: 6/10 (Can defend itself, but I wouldn’t use it as a fighter. Seems to present a nice target and the canopy always seems vulnerable. The large hardpoint packs a punch, but it’s placement can be awkward…)
  • Trading: 5/10 (Limited internal compartments mean limited cargos. Its impressive range could find a niche role…)
  • Mining: 4/10 (Again, limited internal compartments leave little options for mining equipment and cargo)
  • Exploring: 9/10 (True to it’s name, really comes into it’s own here.. nice range, nice to fly and hardpoints are reassuring in populated space)
  • Passengers: 8/10 (Haven’t tried, but imagine it could do pretty well on long distance missions where passenger numbers are low..)